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Well! If you ask my teachers they will tell you that I will become a teacher like them, my parent will also say the same because everyone believes I’m passionate about my job of teaching in private school earning less than N10,000 monthly.

I woke up everyday for 22 days in a month to receive less than N10,000 as salary, the amount that was not enough for my monthly bills let alone giving me the life I dreamt.  You earn more if you patch it up with home lessons.

This was how I lived my life until a flash moment when I stumbled into article about entrepreneurship and the benefits.

Although, it was not as easy as it was written, but my decision to resign to figure out what I was meant to live for, what I want to be known for eventually paid off.

I have had the opportunity to work with brilliant minds in digital business today, I run two successful businesses that give me freedom to do what I want and impact I will love to make in my little world.

I believe business owners and entrepreneurs will change the world that is why I strive everyday to help small business owners and consultants become better by becoming better myself.

I love listening to business owners and coach them to achieve a new level of success in the business and their lives.

When business grow more in profit, impact, the owner experiences through freedom and meaningful living with their family and community. They contribute more and make greater impact. That’s what I want for you…




What I Learnt Working With Small Business Owners and Consultants


When I started the Duality Microcredit, we struggle for two years competing with Microfinance institutions  neglecting the facts that we are not serving same purpose. We execute poorly because we are not internally motivated by our own goals, the problem we want to solve, the customers we want to serve etc. 

Until we retrace our steps to why we are in business for the people we want to serve. and why we are serving them.

Things started to change when we focus on what our ideal customers really want in product and experience. This make us execute with precision. 

This is what I found missing to small businesses and consulting today and many more. The truth is that many consultants feel they know because that’s what they do for other business while the reality is found in how they struggle everyday to get their business going.






Execution Strategy

How much are you doing with your product that serve your customers? Does your product transform the life of your customers? 

When product transforms the life customers, amazing things happen in your business


Message, Medium and Marketing are key factors that have helped my business grow.  That is what I teach small business and cnsultants in dynamic of digital ecosystem


I have been helping individuals to transit from just small business or being consultants begging for acceptance of proposal to high growth business that will give you freeddom and true meaning

Digital Product Development and Execution

Most small businesses and consultants I have worked with pay less attention to prodct development simply because they understand how product can change their business.

Funnel Strategy and Execution

Funnel is your gateway to success in digital business. 

Growth Plan Strategy

This is where I start from when a business is stuggling 

Digital Branding and Sales

People buy the reason behind  your product beforebuying  your actual product. 

This where your storytelling about your product comes before sales

The Customers Code Framework

After 10 years of research and 5 years of testing and studying the most successful digital business, I came up with Framework that I developed and use in my business to skyroket the revenue to over 10 million annually 

The Customers Code Program

I have developed Customers Code Program for Small Businesses and Consultants to skyrocket their business in the digital ecosystem to skyrocket their revenue and profit 

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