I will be talking about Big HEART AND SMALL HEART.

I use this term when I see business doing the Small Heart instead of the Big Heart. What is Big Heart or Small Heart?

I define the Big Heart in terms of what you are doing to make the business succeed from the start:

  • Identifying your customers
  • Developing your Minimum viable product/service
  • Selling the products
  • Developing Niche product and enhancing it.

While I define Small Heart as doing things that will bring the business closer to her goals such as

  • Business Card/Letterhead
  • Office Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Office Equipment

When I started my third business five years ago, I had business card. I looked for opportunity to make presentation and people start asking for my business instead I give them my phone contact.   

So, I don’t know how to do the Small Heart Stuff but I can help you with Big Heart Stuff.

Identify your customers:

Ask yourself these question:
What problem does your customer have?

  • What are their pains?
  • What are their aspiration?

For instance do they have challenge managing their finances Or raising a wild teenager? Everyone has one problem in his/her life wants to be solved

Step into the shoe of your customer and try to imagine their pains.

For example in one of my businesses, the pain of our customers/ is how to save little money as low as N500 that can’t take to bank to avoid embarrassment. They also want loan that can support their business. Then we give it to them. We have more than a thousand of them doing business with us. List all their aspirations

What do they like to achieve?

If you can solve their problem and help them realize their goals and aspiration you are in real business. This is what is called Customer Avatar or Customer Profile.

Are you now considering who your customers are? Where they are? And how do you find them… I will enjoin you spare about 30- 45 minutes this weekend to define your customers’ profile.

You can download customer profile template here


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