How to Create An Irresistible Offer. 10 Elements of Irresistible offer

In this Video I will explain 10 element of irresistible offer. When you have offer for your customers or your prospective clients or customers, check if your offer has the following elements:
1. Thirsty Crowd. Offer your service to the hungry crowd. People who really want or need it. Identify them first before you create your offer.
2. Build Value Offer free service for people before you try to sell them something. Keep adding value in terms of premium info at free to help you audience or clients. They will reciprocate when you present your offer to them . Build trust first.
3. Language Mastery Use language of your audience or prospective customer. This will help you relate with them and build rapport.
4. Storytelling Storytelling is powerful. Use your story to relate with your clients and customers.
5. Value Stacking. Give more that what people want. Go extramiles to offer your customers more that the bargain for. Create additional product such as Template, workbook, tutorials, guide to help them speed the outcome.
6. Guarantee. Guarantee. Do you have guarantee over you offer. Can you take refund if your offer is not found suitable or usable if your answer is no. You will find it difficult to sell your offer at the first. Give people opportunity of No Risk to have experience with your product by offering them guarantee or refund on your offer.
7. Scarcity. Create scarcity for your product or offer such as limited number, limited days etc. Don’t open you offer for too long for people. Keep you offer within a limited time for people to take advantage. This will help you to create FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out)
8. Social Proof. Nothing sells your offer more than credible social proof. Make sure that people can testify to your offer.
9. Upsell When people buys your offer, do not hesitate to offer another product to them. Not a similar product or product that will help them achieve better. People love upgrade, exclusive etc. Offer them an Upsell
10. Payment Plan If you are selling high ticket product. Create payment plan to make it easier for them to purchase your product.

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