How to Attract Your Ideal Customers for Small BusinessCustomers are the life wire of any business whether small, medium or big business.

When people fail to buy your products or services it may mean that your customers fail to see values in the product or service they are offered or you are not positioning your business for the right customers. Businesses fail when customers stop patronise it.

Like Peter Ducker said the purpose of business is to create customers and keep them for life.

So, every business including yours is in the process of creating the right customers that will keep the business going while driving great value from such business.

In this article I will share with you few things you can do in your small or medium business to attract the right customers.

It is not in the best interest of your business to say that everybody is your customers because everyone cannot be. That’s why you must determine who your customers are and how your product will help them transform their lives, solve their problems or meet their needs.

In order to attract the right customers for your business you need to understand

  1. Niche Clarity

Understanding your business and who the business really serve is the first stage in attracting the right customers.

Let’s say Shade is a Tailor and she needs to clarify her Niche. There are many acclaimed tailor but in order to distinct herself and her work. She has to define the kind of people she want to work with, help and eventual develop as customers.

Instead of Shade just says she is a tailor, she went back to records of her previous customers and what she found was amazing.

90 percent of her previous customers are men, between the age of 20 -35 mainly intending couple who want to sew wedding dress.

This information has given her the information about her Niche to develop the customers. She will then use the information to develop customer or buyer’s personas. This will help her in creating marketing message  that will address the real people she would like to help.

Let your business be focus on the few not many.

  1. Customers Development

You will need to know the pains and aspiration of the people you want to help. Ask yourself few questions below:

  • Does the Customer have problems?
  • Is the customer aware that he has the problem?
  • Is the customer looking for solution?
  • Is the customer ready for solution?
  • Is the customer ready for financial commitment to get the solution?

Let’s take for example of Shade, she is a tailor who has created customers personas. Her customers want a high quality and low cost wedding clothes. Her customers have problem and they are looking for solution. They have wedding, low budget and want high quality clothes.

Shade has a way of providing or meeting the need of this customers. However she can meet the need of those people and they are willing to pay for her service.

As a small business owner or startup entrepreneur, your unique way of solving problem for your customers is very important. You will need to create a unique style in your approach to solving their problem or presenting the solution you have for them.

  1. Personal Branding

One of the reasons small business fails to attract the right customers is inability to learn how to use their personal brand to market their business. The personal brand of the person behind the business can be used to attract the right the customers if the business has great product or service to back it up.

Behind every great brand is a promise that fulfil its customer’s aspirations. Your Personal Brand is your image and reputation. If you truly believe in service/product, then put your face on it.

The question I want you to answer is when people see you or the name of your business what comes into their mind?

The Internet has given equal opportunity for both small business and big business to compete favourbaly using online tools and application. Use social media, blog, videos etc to showcase your product and your services.

You will need to simple myth about personal branding

  • My Work will speak for me

There are many works out there. Therefore, don’t wait until your work start working for you. Get the content that help you customers out to people that really need. Let the people know how your business is capable of helping them.  Until you start speaking for yourself and your business nobody will.

  • People will help me market my brand

People will help you but not until you have helped them. The only way you can help them is when you have found them or they find you. Don’t think people will help you to market your brand they will also express the good you have done for them or how their life have changed working with you or your organization

  • Self-promotion is boastful and bad

Self-promotion is not boastful. If you don’t promote yourself and your business who will. Sometime the right customers will not buy your product or service if you fail to assure them of getting result you promise.

And in the process of showing them the result they will get you will promote yourself and your product. So don’t shy away from it. Do it with absolute humility and assurance.


  1. Influence

You cannot attract anyone to buy your product or service until you can influence them. There are ways to influence customers to buy your product or service but if you have bad product or service, you can only influence them once and you will lose them forever.

Make sure you have great product or service before any attempt to use simple strategies to influence them.

  1. Use the Law of Reciprocation

The law states that give and you will be given. Find a way to give more free valuable information to your customers. Buyers want education and knowledge. The more you educate your buyers or customer through free quality and valuable information the more they perceive you as an expert in the industry.

  1. Build Trust

One the few way to build trust with buyers or customers to is to keep your promise. Anything that you know you can fulfil don’t promise. Under promise and over deliver. Give them more than what you have promised them.

Develop likability with your customers. One of the simple ways to develop likeability is found in the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie. If you have not read the book. Try and read it.

Be interested in others. Get interested with your customers. Ask them questions on how to help them and Listen to them.

  1. Social Proof

In this age of Internet customers now have ways to know more about you, your product or service they even call you. Let your testimonials start to speak for you.

Let you customer leave review for your on social media, on your blog or website.

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