Double Your Growth with Empowering Question in 2018
Double your Growth with Empowering Question in 2018? Imagine you are at a networking event or any social gathering of professionals from different industries? Or college reunion or any sort of gathering of people especially like minds.  A dark handsome young man in dark suit with thick voice walked to you and said, my name is Chukwu Alfred Mobolaji, I’m the CEO of ABC Bank Ltd in a very broad smile and he extend his hand to shake you while you introduced yourself and he asked ‘What do you do’

What a great question.  I am confident that you can answer that but let me ask you. What would you say you? Will you say you at the CEO of non-existing company or you work for XYZ firm?  Whatever you say is your current reality. If the same question is asked in the next 20 years. What answer do you want to provide? Do you want to provide the same answer you provided twenty years ago?  Or do you want to provide a new answer that defines a new reality?

The answer you would like to provide in the next 20 years is what you should be what you should be working on starting from 2018. I am tired of telling old stories about myself and you should also start telling a new and changed stories about yourself.

I have been thinking of writing something for about 5 years now. Every day I feel like saying something.  People who come to my office spend hours listening to me about Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and investing. It is not that I don’t know what to write or lack of competence of the subject matter, it is just an attitude of PROCRASTINATION.

Reading about how to stop procrastinating will not solve the problem but taking baby steps towards your goals will. Focus what you can achieve with time you have now. You highest priorities. You will see that you will be far ahead before the end of the year.

I know you have something you are thinking of doing, it could be writing your favourite novel, visit that family member anything that will make you happy, but you just don’t do it and you wonder why. Thinking will not deliver the result you want. You can have the best plan on paper just like me and billions of people, until you ACT ON IT nothing will happen.

Things will always remain the same until you do something about it like Zig Ziglar rightly said doing something same way over and over again and expecting different result is one of the definitions of insanity.

If you want to achieve different result from your life you need to things differently. Albert Einstein once said we cannot solve the current problem we have with the same level of thinking we were when we created them. This means that to solve our problem we need a new thinking. We need a whole lot of new thoughts.

We all need to think new thought. Find a new way of doing what you have been doing. Find different ways of providing solution the prevailing problems. This is your first step to starting your own business.

Bill Gates says ‘ The complacent company is a dead company. Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and reinvent

Doubling your growth in business starts with asking empowering question

Ask yourself today, Am I Complacent? in Business? work? family? self-development etc

Start Asking yourself about What If I can grow beyond my current state? What if I can increase our income in 5x What if I have a magic hand to transform everything I do. The answer is why Not. Doubling your growth requires intentional plan.

Why do you want to grow? Is it important for your customers or your team members or staff? Playing the safe profits, no one including your clients and customers. Everybody wants to be associated with success. Playing it safe will only bring you short term success that benefits no one.

Start Your Growth Plan by examining your products and customers.

Do we have products? Is the product(s) good enough for competitive advantage? What are the competitive advantage I have.

How many customers do we really have for our products. Do they like our product(s)s? if they do what makes them like it? Can they refer or recommend our products to their friends and family? If they can why do they want? How can we predict what they would like in the future?

Answering those questions will clarify your expectation from the product(s) and customers.

They are the critical factors that will differentiate your product among other products.

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