5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Making Money and How to Fix It

5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Making Money and How to Fix It. Last weekend, I met a friend for Lunch to discuss some of the challenging he has been facing in his business in the recent time.

Alfred has always wanted to improve all aspect of his business especially his digital strategy. This has always been his reference in all our discussion. This time I choose to ask him a deliberate question. What is the digital strategy for your business? He looked at me and said, I have a website but we just keep maintaining it and it’s not contributing to our business.

I can’t really see the contribution of the website other than updating it and paying for maintenance.

With surprise I told Alfred there are hundreds of millions of websites today in hundreds of thousands of industries ranging from business website to personal website and blog.

The major reason for small business and big business to launch website or blog is either to increase their sales, connect with their customers and increase revenue.

Less than 20% of those websites you see actually make money. In fact, they keep losing money month over month.

This is what I have experienced when our website was regarded as liability instead of asset to the organization.

If you don’t know how to turn your website into asset it will continue to be a liability to your organization that is why people and businesses abandoned their website after expiration because it is not bringing any money into the organization.

I picked a pen and  I  explained five reasons why website is not making you money and what you can do to fix it immediately. I told Alfred to follow these basic steps to turn his website into asset instead of liability to your organization.

Here are the few steps you will to follow to turn your website into asset in your business.


  1. Your Website Target Too Much People ( Target Specific Audience)

When you design your website to target broad categories of people you are doing more harm to your prospect because when your prospect arrive at your website they become lost because of too irrelevant information.

Prospect who arrives at your website is looking for a specific information. If you fail to provide answer within eight seconds that he arrives on your website, he will eventually leave your website without taking any action.

So, before you write any word on your website, ask yourself these questions. Who do I want to visit this web page? what should they be looking for before they find your website?  When they visit your website what action do you want them to take or what will it be their take away?

Remember nobody reads website again, visitors just scan through.  When visitors scan through your website, will they find the message or information they are looking for? What is the message you want for them? State it clearly. Short is better.

Use cool image and make your website mobile compatible. More than 80% of your visitors will access your website through their mobile phone. If you are not doing all this, you are leaving money on the table.

Create your webpage with specific audience in your mind. They could be entrepreneurs like you, yoga trainers or small business owners.



  1. No Landing Pages on Your Website. ( Create Landing Page for Specific Reason)

Landing page is a dedicated page on your website with a mission of conversion depending on your goal. Your goal for conversion could be to capture the details of the visitors with an irresistible offer to them, It could be an opportunity to request or set up appointment with you, whichever way, your landing page must have one goal at a time.

I have several landing pages within my website with each landing page performing only one mission, you should the same, statistic show that landing page increase the lead generation of any website by more 33%. You need to capture people’s details When you fail to capture the detail of the people or visitor to your website, you may have any opportunity to bring them back to your website let alone send your offer or product to them.

Your mission could be to make people sign up for your membership program, to register for a live event, to submit details to download video and grant access. Whatever you want, you need to create a landing page with a mission.

Keep your the require information short to Name, email and phone number.

This approach helps you keep generating leads every day from the visitors to your landing page. The leads may ready to buy now people or later. It is your responsibility to find out, sell to those who are ready to buy now and nurture the lead who are still need to trust you.


  1. No offer at all ( Create Quality Offer on Your Website)

Do you have offer on your website that will benefit your visitors? Visitors can stumble on your website for the first time, that visitor may never visit your website again if there is no absolute reason to make they come back. They will never. But if same visitor see an offer on your website that worth him giving you his details. You have capture him forever and you be sure that he will likely visit your website again and again depending on what

Creating Quality Offer

Quality offer is a premium information that will benefit anyone who visits your website. It is not just another report, cheap content anyone can get online for free. So, when you are creating your offer you must bear in it mind that the offer should be credible, valuable with a significant value. It should be your best idea or best product. Don’t think of something cheap just because you are giving it out for free.

Remember nobody wants another cheap information. The quality of the offer determines the quality of the lead

Sometimes I use pop-up to present my offer to my webpage visitors. Don’t annoy your visitors with pop ups, give your visitors some minutes to spend on your website before your display your pop up or at the exit of the website.

The form to present your offer can be CrazyEggs, Hello Bar

  1. No Frontend Product After the Offer ( Offer Frontend Product to Your Visitors)

Making money with your website is actually a strategic approach. If you haven’t had any thoughtful plan ahead you will end up wasting all your effort in the long run. When you are creating your quality offer, you need to have frontend product that you want to sell to the same people.

What you are using your offer to do is to prequalify the lead for the frontend product. For example if you want to sell Dog Training. Your quality offer could be “How to Mix Dog Food To Get Them Ready For Mating in 10 Days” The reason why you are creating such content is because you want people who people who have dogs to download your offer not people without dog. The same people who download this guide might be interested in the Dog Training in the future.  You get this!

When you do correctly you have to prequalify them in order to attract qualified lead.


  1. Not Thinking in Sales Funnel. ( Think in Sales Funnel)

To make money with your website, everything on your website should be seeing from the perspective of sales funnel, if you miss it, you miss the ability to sell your product.  You website has reason for being their if it cannot lead people through a process of selling. This might be instant or not depending on the sales process but it should sell something for people.

What is Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel can also be called revenue funnel or sales process. It refers to the buying process that you or your business lead customers through when purchasing products. sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model.

You need to walk your visitor through a process to sign up, buy your product or Cart. This process is called Sales Funnel,

You have create each sales funnel on your landing page, test it with A/B Testing for optimization and improve for optimal result.

Structure your website with mindset of selling now or later and keep improving on it.

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