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Abidoun Babalola

eXponential Coach

I have been working and growing my business after losing two business ventures and almost bankrupt twice in life.

Losing all my entire savings and investments including other people investment. I finally found what really work.

It has been a struggle until I met coaches and mentors who helped me clarify what I wanted to do and teach me how to structure.

I initially worked as a slave to my business. Controlling with almost everyday sleepless night.

Meeting my mentor is the turning point of my business,

Today, I have been working with small business owners especially service professionals such as coaches and consultant to get clients for the business.

This is the method I learnt myself to grow my two businesses from only me to more than 10 team members and still growing.


10X Your Business Growth. Be eXponential

  • Design

    I help small business owners and service professionals like coaches and consultant transform their business.

  • Grow

    Create sustainable growth plan for your  business. A tested method we use in our own business.

  • Scale

    Scale exponentially with continuous learning and application of strategies and system that work

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