My Story.
My Mission.

When you love people passionately with strong desire help them, you  start creating stuffs to make them happy when you figure out their needs and aspirations and in the process you become an Entrepreneur. In this way I find myself as entrepreneur because of the desire to help people and solve problems

I’m ABIODUN BABALOLA.  I am the founder the Duality MicroCredit  that provides loan for small business owners and help them cultivate the habit of saving to in order to achieve financial independence.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship with a mission to help and raise 1 million entrepreneurs in the next 10 years.

That is why  we  DBAcdemy (Duality Business Academy) to teach Aspiring Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and Small Owners on how to start a business, grow business and make their business work for them instead of working for their business all their life.

I speak about entrepreneurship, Digital Growth, Financial Literacy in conference and seminars. 

Lean Startup Training

LeanStartup Training wlll help you understand how to run Lean Startup Methodology

Business Growth

This training helps you scale your business from you just you but grow make bigger impact and profit

Business Leadership

Dominate your niche and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche

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High Growth Small Business

One thing is to start a business, another thing is for the business to scale or grow beyond you. Scaling your business is process. Growth2Growth Training helps you scale your business beyond. It is mindset shift training to look beyond you for your business to benefit the world.

If you have ever thought about starting up and building your own business online whether as aside business called Hustle- side or you are try to add additional income?

Or if you’ve already started a business and would like to grow it.

Do you feel you are doing too much and getting too little result? Do you like to avoid some of the mistake people make when they are trying to start or grow their business?

Or you want to leverage on other and model what work?

Abiodun Babalola

Small Business Coach & Growth Expert

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